My Responsibility …

I’ve been musing a lot during the past couple of weeks and, with so much floating about the grey matter, knowing what to write about is an interesting challenge.

In fact, I’ve been kind of dreading this moment — of sitting down at the computer and figuring out where to start. But my fingers, poised over the keys, are itching to pump out words full of meaning, so I must begin.

What you’re reading now is stream of consciousness. Kind of like the veil paintings I do and discuss in one of my other blogs — I have no idea what I will say or where it will take me.

Are you ready?

Do I share with you the unfettered joy I felt today while riding Bear outside in the sunny sand ring, picking up every canter transition, our nemesis for so long, as if it had never been an issue? Have we finally crossed that difficult bridge together, ready to face a new training challenge?

Do I share how, during our coaching yesterday, Bear made me feel like I really “shone?” How do I impress upon you how amazing it felt to finally be able to shine in this activity that I love so much, and to know that I not only felt it but that my coach also saw it, and that my incredible horse made it possible?

Conversely …

Do I share how awful I’ve been feeling regarding fresh evidence of equine abuse at the race track? How unethical trainers are drugging their injured horses and forcing them to race until they finally break down and have to be euthanized, often in front of a traumatized crowd of innocent bystanders? Do these horses really have to suffer in this way?

Do I share other concerns about unethical treatment of horses and abuse as read about in printed and online sources?

Do I share my concerns about hay shortages, fatal equine-specific virus alerts and the impending fly season?

Do I share my concerns about local barn closures in the wake of our struggling economy? Where do the horses go? Do I tell you that many end up at the slaughter house?

I could go on … but … enough already …

When my mind starts wandering in this way, concerning itself about things over which I have no control, I need to re-focus on where I can make a difference.

To judge the actions of others is unwise. To upset myself worrying about things and events beyond my control is not wise either.

So, as Bear’s steward my focus must remain on ensuring his good health and welfare.

It is with gratitude that I’m able to board him in a comfortable barn where he receives excellent care. As well, that I’m able to provide plenty of appropriate exercise so in mind, body and spirit he can thrive. And, happily, that he is well loved by all who know him.

My responsibility is to ensure it is ever thus.

Next time something lighter … I promise!

Nurture what you love …

Dorothy 🙂
“Horse Mom”

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

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