Everything in its time …

I’m not riding again today. 😦

This makes the fifth day in a row my boy has been doing his own thing … hanging out in the paddock being a horse — eating, getting soaking wet in the rain, rolling in the mud, eating, chasing Sam, rolling in the mud, eating grass, getting soaking wet in the rain, eating hay, eating grass, being chased by Sam, eating, basking in the sunshine (finally) … you get the picture.

It’s been an unexpected holiday.

The weekend was very hot so I gave us those days off.

Then I was ill on Monday.

Yesterday I gave myself the day off for full recuperation because there is no sense getting on a horse when you aren’t feeling 100%. They know everything about how you’re feeling the minute you walk in the door. They don’t want to be led by a weakling.

Yesterday it rained all day. I went to the barn to spend a little time with Bear. When I found him in the paddock he was huddled next to his buddy Sam, hunched over like an old man braced against the storm. He was happy to see me and anxious to follow me to his warm, dry stall and its mountain of fresh hay.

Still he was so wet I couldn’t groom him, so I left him after a while with a bucket full of carrots and told him I loved him. As I always do. He seems to know this in his own way.

Today I was hoping to ride, but am still not feeling up to par. Thus, Bear gets another day off … well almost. I’m going to hook him up to the end of the lunge line and let him run circles around me. He needs the exercise and I need to establish alpha again. Too many days out of the routine and Bear pulls out the claws.

But he’s a good boy really. He’ll be happy to see me, no matter what we do.

Tomorrow we ride again …

Nurture what you love …

Dorothy 🙂
Horse Mom


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2 thoughts on “Everything in its time …

  1. Beautiful post … I learn from you, not only about Bear. Your words apply to life and living, acknowledging and knowing when your body is out of sorts and managing that in a way that includes, not excludes, those you love.

    • Thanks for your comment, Cheryl. It means a lot. … Learning to listen to and honour what our bodies need while managing the mind’s expectations of what we “should” be doing is an ongoing challenge. But I find it’s getting easier the more I practice … 😉 … Be well on your journey … Dorothy 🙂

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