I Wish The Silly Phone Would Ring …

It’s been more than a month since my last post on this blog. This has everything to do with the fact we’ve been away to Australia (by way of Hawaii) for a family wedding and I’ve had, by choice, no access to a computer to do blog posts. When I go away it is AWAY!

While we were travelling my young friend, C, horse-sat for me.

Bear is familiar with C and trusts her so I always know when I’m away that he’s in good hands and will be just fine.

And he has been just fine. So much so, in fact, that C texted asking if she could take my boy to a hunter clinic at a beautiful farm about an hour from home, over-nighting him for two nights and riding him in the clinic on Sunday morning. She would spend the first couple of days orienting him to his new surroundings. As we already know, Bear does not like surprises.

After giving it some thought I decided “Why the heck not?” C’s been taking good care of him. The training has been going well and it’ll be good for him to get off property. The last time I took him to another barn for some coaching was more than a year ago.

How time flies.

So, for her Christmas present I’m paying for C to ride Bear in a clinic featuring one of Canada’s top hunter/jumper riders, Ryan Roy.

As you already know, if you’ve been following this blog at all, Bear’s primary discipline with me is classical dressage. For fun, occasionally, C will put him through his jumping paces for me. C is 22 years old and her passion for riding over fences is intact. I lost mine several years ago following a freak accident.

But never mind about that right now.

At present, C is getting Bear and her horse, Riley, settled into their temporary digs. My cellphone is poised by the computer as I type this and I await word on how Bear’s enjoying this new adventure. I don’t want to appear to be an over-bearing mother so am resisting the urge to call or text, but the waiting is pretty close to crazy making.

Still, I am confident that both he and C will have fun and enjoy this experience together. On Sunday morning I’ll watch them be put through their paces for an hour, a proud horse mom with camera in hand and heart on her sleeve.

This is the first time I’ve let Bear out of my sight off property.

Hmmmm … I’m guessing these feelings of anticipation and, dare I say, worry are pretty much akin to how a mom must feel when she sends her child off to school for the first time … 😉 … At least it’s as close an experience to this as I’ll ever have.

I wish the silly phone would ring …

Nurture what you love …

Dorothy 🙂
Horse Mom


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