What to give my horse on his birthday …

Birthday boyToday my beautiful horse, Bear, celebrates a dozen summers.

He is, in equine parlance, in his prime. My Coach told me years ago that it would be around this time in his life that my boy’s “dumb-blood” tendencies would start to recede and he’d become the mature Warmblood of my dreams.

He was right, of course.

My teenager has become an adult.

So, what to give my boy for his special birthday?


Sure, but he gets those every day anyway.

A day off?

He’s had lots of time off recently, so that’s nothing special.

New leather halter?

Been there, done that.

No … to mark a dozen years, a special treat …

… his first chiropractic treatment!

And why not? I visit the chiropractor every two weeks to get the kinks out, why shouldn’t Bear benefit from similar therapy?

So, two weeks ago, when the equine chiropractor was scheduled to make one of his regular visits to the barn, I added Bear’s name to the list.

I wasn’t sure what Bear’s maladies would be.

Coach and I both knew that he was tight in the right-hind leg, but beyond that I figured Bear was in pretty decent shape. Flexion tests showed, however, limited range of motion not only in his right-hind leg but in his hips, neck and shoulders as well. Hmmm … maybe another reason those canter transitions weren’t working so well.

Taking care of those hips ...

Taking care of those hips …

I watched in awe as the chiropractor worked his magic. Bear stood like a good little soldier, taking in all this unfamiliar attention with ease. By the end he was enjoying it. I could almost see the tension evaporate from his body.

When the chiropractor was done adjusting he re-did the flexion tests to check for changes. We were both pleased to see how much Bear’s range of motion had improved … and how relaxed he had become in the process.

It took a few days of rest for the results of the adjustment to manifest completely. And what a dramatic difference! His movement under saddle was freer, more open and fluid at all paces, including the infamous canter. There was no struggle, just submission ~ with Bear free of the aches that had plagued him before his adjustment.

Okay ... that's a stretch ...

Okay … that’s a stretch …

I’m looking forward to the follow-up appointment next month when the Chiropractor will check to see how well Bear is holding his corrected alignment.

Bear’s birthday workout …

For maintenance I’m following doctor’s orders and doing neck stretches with Bear every day. I’m also asking him to back him up several times each visit to ensure his hips stay nice and loose.

Bear is happy to oblige. He seems to know that all of this is for his good. Of course, carrot treats and bonus stud muffins certainly help. 😉

What to give my horse on his birthday?

How about a new lease on life …

Nurture what you love …

Dorothy 🙂
Horse Mom


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    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. … Yes, there are equine chiropractors, lucky ponies. There are also equine acupuncturists and massage therapists. 😉 … My apologies for the delayed response to your comment. You know what they say about life and plans. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

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