The Follow-Up Birthday Present …

Wouldn’t we all like a follow-up birthday present?

You may recall that six weeks or so ago Bear received a visit from the chiropractor (his first) as a birthday present.

Well, yesterday he had his follow-up appointment.

According to the chiropractor, Bear’s held up pretty well since his last manipulation. His main issue is stiffness in the sacroiliac joint which, coincidentally (or not) is one of my main issues. (It’s one of the reasons I visit my chiropractor every couple of weeks.)

... More work on the sacroiliac joint ...

… More work on the sacroiliac joint … (All images taken with my iPhone)

Other areas needing further alignment were his withers, shoulders and neck, though the chiropractor gave him a thorough review, just for good measure.

It was interesting to watch Bear’s body tense and release as the chiropractor worked his magic, and to see the reaction on Bear’s face. He was enjoying every minute of it, even if he was, occasionally, taken by surprise by a particularly intense adjustment.

As the kinks were worked out of Bear’s body he visibly relaxed and seemed to become even more beautiful (if that’s even possible). The obvious glint in his eyes told me he was feeling no pain. I felt like a good mom providing him with this important healing experience.

Afterwards a bucket of carrots was a welcome reward for my brave boy.

The reward

With any luck he won’t need the services of the chiropractor again for a while. But, I won’t be surprised if there’s a follow-up, follow-up birthday present somewhere in Bear’s future.

Healing is not a static experience.

Nurture what you love …

Dorothy 🙂
Horse Mom


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

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