Pick On The New Kid Day

Well, it had to happen that at some point Bear would get his initiation.

Yesterday was that day.

Naughty Jerome was the culprit.

When I arrived at the barn I was curious to see Bear out in his “underwear” aka his stable sheet. Normally in these wintry conditions he wears his lovely new outdoor blanket as well. Still, I thought nothing of it figuring that Marianne, who was on barn duty, would know something I didn’t.

When I asked her about it and went to the blanket room to show what Bear could wear on balmier days I was surprised to see that his new blankie wasn’t hanging up on its hook either. The other lighter blanket that I was going to  show her was there, but that was all.

Marianne assured me that no one else was wearing the blanket and that she had put a blanket on Bear that morning.

Confused, I took a look outside. My survey of the paddocks confirmed that no other horse was wearing his blanket. So, where, if not on Bear, could it be? Surely it hadn’t been stolen.

And then, the light bulb moment as I looked out into Bear’s paddock, where he and Jerome and Zu Zu were munching hay. There, in the distance in a crumpled heap on the ground was Bear’s blanket.


... See that speck in the distance? That's Bear's blanket ...

… See that speck in the distance off centre left? That’s Bear’s blanket …


Naughty Jerome who, as I was to learn, has been guilty of this high jinx before, had pulled the blanket over Bear’s head during a tussle.

My boy had been pantsed!

And then, when I went to bring Bear into the barn, Naughty Jerome had a little hissy fit, backed Bear into the fence, where he couldn’t escape, and started kicking at him.

Mom to the rescue!!!!

No harm done. But it explains why Bear was so glad to see me.

It was “pick on the new kid day” and he needed his mommy. 🙂

Nurture what you love …

Dorothy 🙂
Horse Mom


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

4 thoughts on “Pick On The New Kid Day

    • They’ve been separated the last couple of days. It might have something to do with the mare they were sharing the paddock with. Bear is totally in love and maybe Jerome was having none of that. Who knows? They’re horses. All I know is that Bear wants to be with Zu Zu. 😉

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