When Shakespeare Met Sophia Loren

Whoa baby!


Shakespeare: Who through yonder stable door doth pass this beauteous summer’s eve?

Sophia Loren: Buona sera, bello.

Shakespeare: More glorious a sight mine eyes hath never beheld!

Sophia Loren:  Dire qualcosa di poetico a me, Shakespeare.

Shakespeare: Fair maiden doth know my name!!!! How knowest she that I am a Muse of poetry?

Sophia Loren: Sembra che io vivrò nella stalla di fronte a voi.

Shakespeare: Be still my heart … she’s to live in the stall across from me. My knees are as jelly. I shall accomplish nothing.

Sophia Loren: Dire qualcosa di dolce per me, Shakespeare, per favore.

Shakespeare: She desireth poetry. O, resist, thou besotted fool! Resist! Alas, I cannot. Her wish is my command! … “Dearest Sophia, thine eyes are the pools of love in which my Scribe doth dip her pen.”

Sophia Loren: Oh, così bello, il mio amore. Penso che stare qui con te per sempre.

Shakespeare: Oh, how I have pleased her!! Sophia hath declared her eternal devotion to me.

Sophia Loren: Mi scusi, cara Shakespeare, ma come si fa a capire quello che sto dicendo a voi?

Shakespeare: She wonders at my language prowess. “O fair maiden, once thou hast wrapped the Scribe around thy dainty hoof all things are possible. In fairness, the Google Translator doth serve rather well.”

Sophia Loren:  Capisco completamente. Cura di unirsi a me per una carota?

Shakespeare: Oh, how the wheel of love doth spin! She shareth with me a fondness for orange root vegetables! … A carrot! A carrot! My kingdom for a carrot! … “Make haste, dearest Scribe, and render unto me and my fair maiden the source of our mutual affection!”

Sophia Loren: Grazie, bello Shakespeare.

Shakespeare: Neigh! Thank you!

Scribe: Oh, brother …


See what I’m up against now? The creative Muse gone wild!!!

Remember that silver lining I mentioned months ago in the depths of winter after the sad diagnosis of Bear’s career-ending suspensory ligament injury?

Well, after the better part of seven months searching for my next dressage partner here she is … Sophia Loren (Sophi) ~ a 10-year-old Hanoverian mare by Schwarzenegger out of Alwine.

Sophia Loren

Sophi arrived Wednesday, July 22, and has proven to be as much a character as my boy, Shakespeare. Not only does she share his good looks (in a supremely girly way), she has demonstrated a flare for the flamboyant gesture as well. When I bathe her (it’s been really hot the past few days) she drinks straight from the hose and demands … yes, demands … some play time with water in the little red bucket I bought especially for her. She loves all treats and is as adept at getting what she wants as any Hollywood starlet. And yet, she’s so classy about it. So, Sophia Loren.


So, the search is over and I find myself with two larger-than-life equine personalities named after a bard and an actress. I dare say we will be in for the occasional animated dialogue.

Nurture what you love …

Horse Mom

Bear and Sophi sitting up a tree … 😉

©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2015

9 thoughts on “When Shakespeare Met Sophia Loren

  1. How did you figure out she liked the water “play time”? Did they tell you, or did the two of you just sort of figure out that it could be fun, and now she wants to do it at each shower?
    I wonder about these things sometimes, how we go about finding out what the DO and DO NOT like to do 🙂

    • Sophi told me. The first time I bathed her and had the hose pointed at her chest she reached for it with her mouth as if it was a completely natural thing to do and started playing with the stream of water and drinking from it. Water everywhere, but it’s hot so what does that matter? Then after hosing with water I always rinse my horses off with some anti-bacterial/anti-fungal liniment in water. When I was sponging her down Sophi kept turning her head around and reaching for liniment water in the bucket as if she wanted to drink it. So when I was done I got her little red bucket, filled it with water and offered it to her to drink. She took right to it and when she’d had her fill just started playing with what was left.

      I have a feeling these things became a part of her routine where she was before and she just wanted me to get with the program. 😉

      Bear likes the water too, but isn’t quite the water baby Sophi is. I think it’s a matter of trial and error. When it’s really hot that’s probably the best time to see if they enjoy the playing with water. I know I enjoy getting just as wet as they do. 😁

      • Oh what a smart girl! Yep, that’s what she wanted, and she was not going to sit around waiting for you to figure it out!
        I love it when we find their little quirks and routines (when they are pleasurable, Haha!) and it’s such a good feeling to know they enjoy our interaction with them 🙂
        Best of luck with her and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you both – I think it will be a great partnership!

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