Amigo 1200 WM

Amigo says, “If you can, now is a good time to rest.”


Everyone is facing difficult and unique challenges right now. Uncertainty is everywhere and we have all been caught off-guard by this unprecedented global event. Now we must attempt to get in with this new, albeit temporary, and very disrupting rhythm and do our best to create a happy ending.

As a horse facility owner we are facing our own unique set of challenges with respect to horse care and management. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say we’re doing our best to be resilient and to ensure the health and welfare of our equine charges and all those associated with them.

Every storm passes. In the meantime, if you can stay home and rest, not just to protect yourselves but to help support and protect those on the front lines in hospitals, grocery stores and other essential services who do not have that luxury.

Be safe. Be sound. Be.

Nurture what you love …

Horse Mom


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