A passion for Standardbreds

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Marni with Santo Domingo, a 12-year-old retired Standardbred trotter she’s fostering and retraining as a pleasure riding horse for a future forever home.


While I contemplate what’s involved in setting up a dedicated Unsung Heroines of the Horse Industry website this blog of horse mom musings is the temporary outlet for sharing this work. There’s still so much to learn about building an effective website. I don’t entirely understand “embedding” or the little extras like “slugs” or “excerpts.” I’m a writer and horse person, not a web expert.

Still, I better get on it.

In the meantime, please follow this link to Unsung Heroines of the Horse Industry: Marni Reimers Interview to find out about this remarkable woman’s passion for fostering, rehabilitating and retraining off-the-track Standardbreds, giving them a chance at a second career by turning them into amazing pleasure riding horses.

My thanks to Red Scarf Equestrian for providing a broader platform for this project.

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Nurture what you love …

Horse Mom

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In the wake of receiving a WINNIE Award for Best Equestrian Photo Journal ~ English at the EQUUS Film Festival I have prepared a short speech.

Here goes …

1 - EQUUS FIlm Festival - WINNIE WINNER copy“I’m speechless. Really, I am. Lost for words. Hardly able to describe the extent to which horses have guided and transformed my life. My bastions of comfort; reflective mirrors of my inner world. When I consider my debt to these amazing creatures it goes beyond words. Particularly in the past few years when my level of self-awareness has been raised by my conscious interactions with them and people qualified to guide the process of healing.

Horses have taught me to stand my ground; set boundaries; be in the moment. They’ve helped me to learn how to regulate my anxiety. They’ve softened me. They’ve shown me a beautiful language that requires no words, only presence.

This past year has left me speechless. My recent success with Unsung Heroines of the Horse World in its very infancy as a project has, in some respects, been overwhelming and in others perfectly wonderful. I’m still trying to process this. To receive these Laurels is amazing and the fuel I need to keep moving forward. The challenge now, as I wait at this junction, is to continue to follow the path. To flow with a creative project that began just over a year ago with the submission of a few photographs to an art gallery in downtown Toronto.

IMG_1408The biggest challenge, as always, is to be in the moment with what is and listen; to feel; to be open to what’s next without an agenda, and I will do my best to meet it.

I’d like to thank Lisa Diersen and Diana DeRosa of the EQUUS Film Festival for a chance to share my message of women who work behind the scenes in the horse world through my photography, and for honoring my film with this prestigious award …

… my family and friends for tolerating my preoccupation with light and shadow whenever I have a camera in my hand, and then lending me their courage when it comes time to sharing my vision …

… my husband for believing in me every time, and through everything.

Finally, I’m grateful to my horses, Bear and Sophi ~ my heart and my wings, respectively. They raise me up, always.

To finish, let me just say that horses will show us the way, if only we will listen. So, please, take a moment to turn down the volume of our incessant hectic modern-day experience and tune in to the invaluable, healing frequency of Equus. It will leave you speechless.”

Nurture what you love …

Horse Mom


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